Why we invested in Etvas!

Founders of Etvas, Sören and Ilie.

It’s a commodity trap

For decades, banks and financial institutions successfully relied on their branch network as the main sales channel for private clients. Up to the financial crisis in 2007, it was usual for a retail bank’s total share of deposits to be closely linked to the size of its branch network (1). Later, there were the first online banking solutions and even direct banks that worked without any branches, proving that the heyday of the distribution-led growth strategy was over. Nowadays, we see the next major shift to mobile and open banking, implying that every bank aims to become “mobile first” and an “ecosystem” player.

The Etvas platform



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Sebastian Scheib

Sebastian Scheib


VC @ Main Incubator (Early-Stage VC of Commerzbank) — Views are my own